How to grapple with the growth of social media

Author and historian Niall Ferguson discusses the impact of social networking on modern society, which he lays out in his book 'The Square and the Tower'

Niall Ferguson On President Trump Having A Good Chance For Re-Election If Democrats Go Further Left

Niall Ferguson, Historian, explains to Brian Kilmeade that low approval ratings for President Trump may not be a bad omen for 2020 if the democrats continue to move further to the left.

The Rubin Report - Niall Ferguson: Intellectual Dark Web, Brexit, and Trump

Niall Ferguson (historian and author) joins Dave to discuss his background, his thoughts on the Intellectual Dark Web, the culture war that he and his wife Ayaan Hirsi Ali are fighting, his views on Brexit, Donald Trump, and more.

The Wealth Report: Historian Niall Ferguson discusses the ‘internet delusion’

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