How I Personally Caused The Great Depression To Happen Again

Yes, according to Dean Baker, it was me.

Except for one small problem, familiar to readers of Brad DeLong. There is not a shred of evidence that I – as opposed to "people like" me – said any of the things attributed to me in this strange rant. Take a look (emphasis added):

Ferguson and like-minded people ... have ruined millions of lives and cost the world more than $10 trillion in lost output since the crisis began.

The Ferguson types ... warned that stimulus would not be an effective way to boost growth and create jobs. We also heard dire tale of exploding interest rates and runaway inflation.

The Ferguson types have repeatedly raised absurd fears about the U.S. and other countries hitting debt limits and risking soaring interest rates and hyper-inflation

Ferguson and his ilk are obsessed with deficit projections for 20 and 30 years out.

You see how it's done, don't you? Note: not a single reference to anything I myself have published.

He concludes: "I am not going apologize if I am occasionally rude to an ill-informed overpaid Harvard professor." No, I don't suppose an ill-mannered, unpaid wonk will ever apologize for anything. Rudeness, like intellectual sleight of hand, is the stock-in-trade of Krugman’s acolytes.

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